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Friday, January 30, 2004  

If I'm under cover and out of sight lately, it's because I'm contemplating an imminent period in which I won't have five seconds' space to misplace a task. Strangely, I think these soon-to-be-busy periods are when I'm most out of the world; substitute whichever theory you'd like to make that make sense.

Of course, out of it these days, what with Baby sleeping on my chest and Baby demanding concentrated watching when I'm not in school, involves a ton of wasted motion. Hence I have no time to waste on frivolities yet somehow today I re-watched Finding Nemo and cut a path through several chapters of a book I'd already read.

Oh and, while you're here -- John Kerry? Oh cripes, oy gevalt, etc. I don't have the words -- not because the words would be incredibly angry but because they'd be just deflated. Kerry's an opaque dork, a clumsy Northeasterner, a guy whose words nullify each other as they drift out his mouth -- which reminds me -- look what can happen (scroll down) 16 years after you bungle being a presidential candidate:

Michael is the Director of “Amtrac” and is passionate about trains. He is very strongly in favor of expanding our train system, and points out that the technology is already here and gave us examples of Japan and Europe’s success with their “Bullet Trains”. He feels that with a little public investment in capital and use of existing routes, we could make a real improvement in our transportation system.

Perhaps he also would like to see more involvement in the local senior center, and should be congratulated for his fine work organizing "Stamp Out Litter September."

Of course, I'll vote for Kerry, but Edwards is the one who can win. Blogger won't let me take down poor Howard Dean from my sidebar. I still like a lot of Howie's statements, but the bulldoggy-doctor thing doesn't jibe with the fact that voters hire likeable inoffensive candidates (just you stop looking at Richard Nixon when I say that).

I just can't stand that mysterious cramp in the Democratic nominating process that gives us these lachrymose oafs to represent us. Clinton aside (and Clinton continues to seem like the space alien in this storyline), it's been a parade of them going back to McGovern (or maybe Humphrey; I don't know). Just give us one guy that doesn't do that pitiful-looking two-thumbs-up thing. Maybe in 2008, okay?

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