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Sunday, December 21, 2003  


I believe some rudimentary updates are due prior to the lot of us shoving off for the Xmas Xebrations and Xtivations:

-- Our 5-day sojourn in Central Valley California (a.k.a., Sacramento and environs) demonstrated that California is a very strange place. In all directions the "city" is sprawling over farmland, and it sprawls in only two forms: massive residential sectors of identical houses, and vast canyons of strip malls. The baby tour was perfectly fine and Elliott performed his necessary duties of waving a curlicue of hair off the center of his forehead and excitedly chanting out variations on his favorite phoneme: "dodtj."

-- I met the class I'll be student teaching. They're Vashon nerds, very affectionate with one another and very zany. They crowded around me and told me jokes or hammed it up. At one point my future supervising teacher briefly left the room, and I said to one of the clamoring kids: "Well, we're in charge now; what should we do?" He put his finger to his chin, then said: "I think we should jump UP AND DOWN 14 MILLION TIMES!" Later, I found out that he like to listen to Weird Al CDs.

-- Elliott's new transition into being able to express opinions yields mixed results. Sometimes he can't be satisfied one little bit and he's back in his earliest grinding, wailing days. Sometimes it feels like he's born, reborn, reborn, etc.

-- We're moving to Vashon by March. Lawd help us. Or, rather, can you help us?

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