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Saturday, October 18, 2003  

For those who share even a bit of my hatred for PowerPoint, I give you: The Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation. And, for a more coherent argument than I can muster, I give you Edward Tufte.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003  

Watching baseball in this postseason has taught me that, in real life as opposed to movies, not only do the rich, powerful and many-times-victorious humiliate and defeat the underdogs, but they wait do so after the underdogs have managed to stagger to their feet and nearly defeat the rich, powerful and many-times-victorious. In other words, the right shall fail, the wrong prevail.

God-damned Yankees. I'm not normally a fundamentalist, but I'll say this: If you're a Yankees fan, there is something, even if just a little something, wrong with you.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003  

Whew. It's amazing how much time I still have to consume in not really meeting ideal academic standards. Not that I'm flunking; I actually think I'm just a few points shy of perfection in the grade book. But in doing that I happily leave 80% of the subjects I'm supposed to be considering with great care as undifferentiated sludge in my head. Besides, most of Ed school as I know it is reflection, reflection, reflection. That doesn't take a lot of research or factual manipulation.

All this reflecting does, however, tap my blogging energies, as I've generally reflected myself into a miasma by the time it's time to update.

Anyway, I find it's easy to watch baseball games or pour water into a giant bowl for Elliott to look at rather than read textbooks. I don't feel guilty a-tall.

Anyway, since I last reflected on this page I possibly found a student-teaching gig on Vashon Island, Dana got a job on Vashon Island and we began seriously considering sticking a kit craftsman cottage on the damp clay soil of Vashon Island.

Also, Elliott was fed prunes in a public place:

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