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Thursday, May 15, 2003  

My local convenience store has always creeped me out. The inventory is low, with, for example, five loaves of bread distributed across four feet of shelf space. One guy who works there (the owner?) seems always drunk and "banters" about how he's trapped in the store and wishes he could be outside. Then there's this mural on the back wall:

That reads "Grocery Store Boot Hill" on the tree(?) in the extreme background. Three goon-headed allegorical minimart figures are lowering Mr. Bill into its grave. The other tombstones read "Lucky's," "A&P" and (indistinguishable). (Wasn't life great when we had that local Lucky's?)

Notice that they are lowering the entire store -- so that Mr. Bill gets represented by a brick building while Mr. J's Deli Mart (those fuckers) get to be humanoid. Perhaps this trauma explains why Mr. Bill can't even muster up his trademark "Oh Nooo!" but instead comes up with the more plaintive "HELP OOOOOOOOO"

I'm mystified. I suppose I can understand the beef against the Corporate Pig 7-11, but what is Mr. J's Deli Mart and why is it a problem? Is there a mural on Mr. J's Deli Mart wall of a wrecking ball labeled "Mr. Bill's" threatening to demolish the lovely Mr. J's building?

Should I take sides?

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Thanks, all, for the patience. I know I should keep feeding this 'blog with too-cute stories about Mr. Baby and topping them off with too-cute photographs, but my last post got eaten when my browser crashed and now I'm feeling just a bit too tender to commit myself to big posts (it was a great post, something about a virtual dancing Ben Franklin; I can't recreate it.) Mr. Baby is coming along, slowly adding such marginal skills as seeing things and responding to stimuli to his bag of tricks. He had one freaky-screeching night this week but otherwise has slept, and he doesn't seem to be always on the verge of an immediate breakdown as he sometimes has.

I wish I could tell you more but I'm spending many of my days creating intricate 3-D models of fatal accidents. That's not a lie; it's freelance work. I'm sworn to not telling you any more than that.

Hope everyone is fine. Check in, shout out please. (See below.)

Oh, and doesn't this economy look like poop? More later, if you can handle the excitement. But I'll just note: The word "deflation" has actually been brought up in a non-derisive way -- and even hinted at by the Fed. All with the disclaimer that it's extreeeeeemely unlikely, however. Couldn't happen here.

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