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Saturday, May 10, 2003  


I really thought I was pissed off and jaded about how much of America looks (i.e., ugly and depressing). Then I took a tour of architect James Howard Kunstler's Eyesore of the Month archive and realized someone is more acid than I am. His summation: "American space is generally chaotic, illegible, and disorienting." Some of the highlights:

Here we see the nearly complete metamorphosis of the two-family house into an industrial loading dock.

 Yes, this is the kind of country we have become.

Have all the homebuilders in America come down with ARDS (Acquired Retarded Designer Syndrome)?

Notice that Sonny's costume is what used to be considered appropriate for children age six and under.

Is this what happens when you give a Doric temple fertility shots?

Under this icon of narcotized complacancy, a population of TV zombies plods like a herd of cows to the hamburger factory.

Think of it as the gateway to a new Dark Age.

Is every child in this city a serial killer requiring maximum security incarceration during school hours?

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003  

The other night Dana and I had the chance to talk about what it means to be a parent. Specifically, what is our purpose? Our mission? We decided this: We provide multiplatform, client-oriented parenting solutions to address the needs of a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Also, while walking around Greenlake yesterday we saw a very Symbolic Black Duck:

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