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Thursday, March 06, 2003  


Suddenly we're about nine days from Dana's due date. Nothing in her belly or her demeanor or any other subtle signs seem to say she's about to deliver. It's very, very quiet. I've said little about the whole scene in this blog because I'm pretty quiet about it inside. The bags are packed, the house is (essentially) clean and ready, and now we just wait.

Anyway, to those (at most) two or three of you that want to know about the baby the minute he or she arrives, and wants to see the first picture as soon as I can bring it home, stay tuned here. I'm trying out Blogger's new Audioblog feature, which lets you call a central number and leave a message that the computer converts to an mp3 and then posts to the blog. So I may put in a call within an hour after l'enfant terrible is born.

At the very least, I'll try to give people the word that we're headed to the hospital, and I'll post here and send out e-mails once I can get home (maybe while Dana sleeps?). And then it's possible I'll never write about anything else.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003  

Played tonight as a sub on Eric and JJ's team; lost. I have to say I wound up walking away with a big extra dose of respect for JJ -- he got deliberately flattened by a beligerent hotshot on the other team and JJ just walked away. The guy had both feet off the ground, both forearms out, and he threw himself at JJ's chest and flung him to the ground (I thought the ref was looking but I want to believe he didn't see it). Like I said -- JJ just walked away. I can't say if I would have whined or tried to push back (probably a combination), but I don't think I could have just walked away.

It makes me glad that the only time in my life when I stopped a penalty kick came against this same guy. My fingers actually want to start typing how that happened in numbing detail, but I know if I did that I'd be one sliver above the golf-story stage. Suffice it to say he, a fiery Latino goal-scorer, didn't want to waste his time on a simple easy shot and I read his mind (or just guessed right). He just stood and fumed after I grabbed his shot -- I think just grabbing the ball, beyond merely deflecting it, and holding on was a true insult to his pride. Well, jackass, let that -- ai. You see? I can't just walk away.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003  

For whatever reason, this morning I came up with a name for my first solo album (once the Phony Huggs -- Jim's idea -- break up): No One Tells Me Anything, featuring the leadoff hit single "No One Tells Me Anything (Around Here)."

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Monday, March 03, 2003  

Oh, and today's Daily Nag on Iraq. Zbigniew Brzezinski, late NSC director, was interviewed on CNN in a forum with Henry Kissinger. Asked about the current state of NATO, Brzezinski said:

I think we have to ask ourselves, how have we conducted ourselves? We have in effect said to them, "Line up." We have treated them as if they were the Warsaw Pact. The United States issued orders, and they have to follow.

Now, let me give you one striking example. The president since 9/11 has uttered the phrase "He who is not with us is against us" -- mind you, "He who is not with us is against us," anyone who disagrees with us is against us -- no less than 99 times. We have a concept of the alliance, inherent in this kind of conduct, which involves giving orders and others falling in line.

The issue of Iraq is a complicated issue. It's related to the whole question of proliferation and global stability. Ultimately, it points even to the issue of North Korea, that we haven't talked about at all.

And how we conduct this problem, how we deal with it is essential to the effective exercise of America's global leadership.

We are literally undercutting it right now. We have never been as isolated globally, literally never, since 1945.

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Oh, and my cruddy 1990 Accord got broken into this weekend. Again. This makes, if I'm counting right, three times in two years -- and none of the neighbors I talk to report getting their cars broken into. It almost feels personal, only I can't imagine why it would be. Fortunately, Dana remembered to actually remove the removable faceplate from the stereo. This limited their haul to:

An athletic bag I won three times over at pub trivia night;

An unwashed and very ugly goalkeeper's jersey;

One pair of rock-bottom-bargian Saucony running shoes (mildewy);

Two pairs of goalkeepers' gloves, one in need of replacement and one actually an unsuitable pair of all-purpose handyman's gloves;

One kneepad (the other was left in the trunk).

My guess is that all of the above have been flung into a blackberry bush somewhere in the Fremont area. If you happen to see them, please ... nah, don't bother.

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A sad little episode in one of today's stories in the Seattle Times on gastric bypass surgery (in which the GI tract is rerouted to almost entirely bypass the stomach). One woman who weighed -- gasp -- a little over 200 pounds before the surgery wound up, as a result of the surgery, lapsing into a coma, enduring 14 operations, losing all of her retirement money and, at the end of the whole ordeal is still weak -- but thinner.

How did she get talked into this?

[She] decided to undergo gastric-bypass surgery after meeting Tacoma surgeon Dr. S. Ross Fox at an obesity seminar there.
"He took hold of my little finger and looked at me and whispered 'size 6,' " she says.

"Doctor" S. Ross Fox should be confined to a tiny damp cell for a long time, in my leetle opinion. This woman already got perhaps more punishment than she deserved.

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