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Thursday, February 27, 2003  

So sad to hear that Fred Rogers died. Here's a timeline about his life; Terry Gross interviewed him twice, here and here. The man was absolutely authentic; we would have figured out, somehow, if he wasn't. Someone in the thread on MetaFilter recounted an episode that, somehow above all others, touches my heart: "I remember when he visited the crayon factory. He had an uncanny ability to ask the questions that children would ask, but that wouldn't occur to adults. At the factory he asked employees what their favorite color was."

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This image tells you a lot about North and South Korea. That brightest, largest smear, just barely south of the border, is Seoul.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

For those who might actually want this much detail on L'Affaire de Swappington, here's the latest:

1) The Led Zeppelin CDs arrived today -- they had been held up in customs. Sweet!

2) I e-mailed the feeble dude with the Monty Python CDs and he pretended to not know what I was talking about. But then, this afternoon, I got this e-mail (I'll mark the amazing parts in bold):


At six in the morning I didn't remember what was going on, but now I do. Look, I'm sorry. A friend of mine showed me this website a few weeks ago and we signed up, but I haven't *personally* gone back since. That is my info, but I guess he set it to his own email address later. So you found the right place. He told me about some loophole in the system which would basically give him free shit, and with nothing beside moral repurcussions because theres no money involved and no legal contracts (a la ebay, or something). I didn't really care or think about it much at the time and told him to go wild. I'm sorry this happened, really. I don't approve what happened, but still, that's a pretty blatant loophole in the system. Whoever designed it and runs that site should know and fix it. Otherwise, this is going to happen left and right.

On the subject of the DVDs, if he listed any of my DVDs (which I'll definately talk to him about) its probably only because he doesn't have much of his own junk that's very interesting. I'm sorry, but frankly I didn't spend 170 dollars on that set just for him to go mailing it away. There isn't much I can do about it.

I recommend you e-mail whoever runs that site, and if it helps any I will too. Tell them how its unsecure and honor systems on the internet don't work. Try and get back whatever you lost. If they don't understand that its their shoddy design that created the problem (not to mention my friends lack of values it seems) then i say just stop using the site until they fix it. hell, if everyone stops using the site i'm sure they'll figure it out and get off their asses.

So again, I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry that you got lead on. There isn't much I can do about it besides bitch at him. I mean, I'm not saying what he did was right, or okay, but you also have to definately look at that website's way of doing things. I myself would never have traded my stuff on there. Then again I guess I just don't trust as much as the next guy. So, sorry again. Let me know if you need me to e-mail the website people later for you if it would help.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

I'll tell you something, my brother-in-law Brandon, aside from being a fine artist, he tells a good story. Or at least paraphrases one.

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So a little while I urged everyone to join Swappington's, where you offer up books and CDs and DVDs you don't want, send them in return for points, and can use those points to get things other people are offering. Nifty! I sent off my first few items, got some points and used them to get a Little Rascals DVD and an Elvis CD -- nifty! Then I signed up for a 4-CD Led Zeppelin set -- guilty pleasure! Then -- amazing -- I gave a ton of points (96 points is a ton) to a guy who was offering the complete Monty Python TV shows on DVD.

Neither of the last two arrived. The Led Zep dude at least wrote back and said he couldn't believe it; he sent those a while ago; that I should keep in touch. But the guy with the Monty Python DVDs agreed to send them and then never wrote back. I wrote him a couple weeks later; no reply. I wrote a week later and waved the word "fraud" around; no reply.

Swappington's is kind of a power-to-the-people place and it's a voluntary whim on its creator's part, so I can't charge into the court of Swappington's and expect much of a response. But I wanted to find this guy and unload the lecture that's been building up in my head. A tiny part of me wanted to wring his neck.

Well, I have functional Google skills, so today I found the dude. And this is his journal. Let me excerpt bits of the life of this 21-year-old Floridian:

Dec. 18 oh my. i've been drinking too much and not eating anything healthy. this weekend has seen me feeling ill for most of the time. basically, i drank friday night, went to sleep at 5am, woke up at 10am, sat around, drank saturday night, went to sleep late, woke up too early. bah. i think i've had about 6 or 7 martinis, a pint of fosters, a bourbon on the rocks, 2 rum and cokes, a vodka and sprite, and a brown ale since friday night. all i've eaten are some cocktail olives, a few mcnuggets, and a snickers. *groan* at least i haven't been drinking alone. that would be bad.
im very, very, very sexually frustrated. there. i've said it.

Dec. 23: it is just one of those nights. thinking about people and the past. feeling kinda lonely. feeling kinda unloved/unloveable. i need a hug

Dec. 28: I really only just started realizing how boring my life is within my 'circle of friends'. It seems like they're not friends at all, but more like people who know I exist, but wouldn't care to ever invite me out with them. Last night, Bird, Daniella, David, and Lisa were over and decided to go out drinking or something. They said goodbye, but never once asked me if I would want to join them. Not that I have the money for it at the moment, but even an invitiation would have been nice. I need more friends, new friends, friends who I can go out and do things with. Even if it is just going somewhere to sit around. I'm tired of the hellhole my roommates and I inhabit..

Dec. 30: new year's eve tomorrow and i am not in the least bit excited. je suis seul.

Jan. 17: well, i finalized it all today. filled out tax forms, NDAs, non-competes, got my ID badge, and entered my handprint into the timeclock system. im an official employee now. very happy. too bad i have nothing to do tonight. thats okay. im too pleased with myself to really care that i have no life. heh.

Feb. 7: my neck hurts like hell. alienware fired me. i feel like im spiraling downward right now and i can't find anything or anyone to catch me. i hope things get better. now i'm hungry and so it will either be pizza or chinese night.

Feb. 13: anyway, i think i'm going to go drive around and find something to keep me occupied for a while. the only thing i'm looking forward to tomorrow is picking up my last paycheck from alienware. after that, i think i'll crawl in a hole and hibernate. damn you geoffrey chaucer. why did you have to go inventing this stupid holiday? [????-Ed.]bloody cretin...

Feb. 21: why gawd am i cursed to be alone? am i really that bad? and when i do find someone, why do they always dump me within 2 months? what's so wrong with me? SOMEBODY TELL ME PLEASE. am i completely misjudging myself? am i mean? am i really ugly? am i worthless? I DONT UNDERSTAND. i *TRY* to just be myself, relaxed, and treat people the best i can. so why isn't that NEVER good enough?! fuck. i don't need to be thinking about this, but i can't help it for some reason.

And so on. Now how am I supposed to get enraged at this dude? What should I tell him? Half his life is spent playing Final Fantasy VII on his computer, most of the other half is spent sleeping, and the remainder is spent talking about the rest of his vacant life. I'm at a loss.


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The entire Waiting for Guffman Repertory Theatre (which is also the Best In Show Repertory Theatre, which is an offshoot of the This Is Spinal Tap Repertory Theatre) has a new movie, and you can view the trailer here. A Mighty Wind opens in Seattle on April 16. Can anyone babysit for us that night?

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Monday, February 24, 2003  


D and I have been working our way through the Buster Keaton catalogue, and it's been an utter joy. So far: The Navigator, Our Hospitality, Sherlock Jr., The General and a few shorts, including an odd and miraculous one, The Playhouse, in which Buster dreams of a revue (and audience) consisting only of Buster Keaton (including this little dance of two Busters). The man's invention and timing and nuance were beyond perfect, and his sweet, sad face is a joy to watch. The clip above is from Steamboat Bill Jr., which we're about to watch tonight -- there are more such clips here. But rent any of the movies I've named and you'll be amazed.

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