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Wednesday, February 05, 2003  

Dammit but I have watched a lot of goals go by me this season. Tonight at a beautiful turf field in Redmond I ate the beautiful turf six times to let six goals go by. The worst thing is (I admit) I wind up constructing a detailed formula for which goals I should feel bad for and which I shouldn't. (You don't want to know the details, trust me.) The best of the human nature as it dwells within the Garden of Athletics does not include a lot of my-fault/not-my-fault dialogues. But in about nine games since the beginning of the year I've let in, what, 36 goals or thereabouts -- a fella who didn't assure himself that at least most of those goals were not that fella's problem would probably go insane or, first, quit playing.

The nice thing is that at the beginning of each game a shutout seems very possible. Of course, just playing on the winning team once this season would be good enough.

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Chris Snelling sighting! Chris Snelling sighting!

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This editorial from the London Times does a nice job of laying out the half-assed reasons to be against war in Iraq. The point is not to argue in favor of an Iraq invasion, but to explain that the UN might back an invasion; the West might win it easily; Saddam may be a real creep and a bully; the Arab world might not erupt in response; and Iraq might be a better place afterwards. For all that, if you still oppose the war, as I do, you then have to be able to articulate the principle by which you oppose it and not just throw around whatever arguments are most easily available.

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