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Wednesday, January 22, 2003  


Our dog Chiwi isn't doing well. Dana and I may be out of touch for a blip here while we make some decisions.

Those who know Chiwi knows she is A) multiply afflicted; and B) ridiculously strong. Not in the lifting-chairs sense of strong, but durable. The poor little lassie has picked up problems in droves over the years: inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, a mitral valve deficiency, strange or missing appetite and, more recently, recurrent seizures. But she keeps trucking and, when we don't watch her closely, she'll leap from couch to chair or bound up and down the steps. The photo you see is all Chiwi.

Yesterday, though, she got hit pretty hard with something -- probably a failure of something in her heart. Now she's in an oxygen box at the vet's, getting Lasix to drain fluid from her lungs because her heart can't anymore. The Lasix may help, but we're nearing the point where every medication overlaps badly with another medication or one of Chiwi's many serious afflictions. The choices get more and more cramped, and each one has a harder consequence.

It may just be a bottleneck. I've always felt that Chiwi will live to a ridiculously, improbably old age. But I can't be as sure as I have been in the past until we know a bit more. It's all very sad as it is. Dana and I will have to wander in this fog for a little while, and then we'll come back out.

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