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Saturday, January 18, 2003  

Okay, so a break from the world's troubles to something that had been merely nagging me. A friend told me recently she couldn't watch Pee-Wee Herman (by the way, Pee-Wee himself verified that spelling; I heard it once) because he'd been arrested on a child-pornography bust. I knew something wasn't right about that -- not the judgement; if Pee-Wee were a child pornography vendor my love for the character would wither.

Earlier, my father had told me that Pee-Wee had turned out to be "a horrible man." Which he would be, as a children's entertainer who collected child pornography, right?

So this morning when I couldn't sleep a voice told me to actually dig up a news story on Paul Reubens so I could know what the hell is going on. You can read what I found, or accept my summary: Paul Reubens' "child pornography" collection consisted of the Hollywood-expose tape of Rob Lowe having sex with teenage girls 14 years ago; and some antique dagguerotypes of 15-year-old boys dressed up as Grecian statues.

Didn't we all assume that Paul Ruebens collected kitsch? That's what it sounds like to me. As far as I'm concerned, I'm back to hoping these come out on DVD within the next few years.

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Thursday, January 16, 2003  


The New York Public Library considers this book by one Anna Atkins to be "the first photographically produced book." It's a collection of "cyanotypes" of British algae. It's beautiful. You can view all the plates here. You should also know that this kind of paper is available in toy stores and algae is available everywhere. Thank you for your time.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003  

Last night was our second birthing class. I now know I will never ever be a rock star or cooler than the rest of society. This is fine with me and has been so for a long while, but I did find myself noting that Johnny Rotten or Klaus Kinski or Tristan Tzara or whatever other transgressive types you think are cool during college probably wouldn't sit in a circle, drinking tea and watching a nurse pointing to a diagram of the uterus. Of course, they were miserable hateful types so big deal. The thought just occured to me, that's all.

Besides, I can imagine Nick Lowe or Robert Christgau or Milton Glaser or other less-transgressive types somewhat digging the whole thing as I have been. So, again, another blow for the less-trangressive types. I suppose.

Anyway, the whole image of the stages of labor was, it turns out, quite vague to me before last night's class. I figure there would be an emergency onset of contractions, I'd get paged, we'd rush to the hospital, then the contractions would go on for a long time, peak, then the baby would be born. Turns out (this is news? news to me) we'll have maybe eight hours or even a day of forewarning and (as the pictures in the book and the video would have it) mildly browsing around the house or dancing or -- get this -- taking long naps while the contractions slowly get more serious.

I'm sure I'll do some odd things during the whole process. Falling asleep while Dana is in labor, however, seems impossibly odd. More likely I'll try to build something. Or put a little notice on this web page.

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