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Thursday, January 02, 2003  

Welcome to the new year, y'all. I found other bloggers taking a winter break, so I granted myself one.

The first two days of the New Year (caps?) have found me sluggish and mossy -- trouble blazing my way through projects, or even really getting started. I feel like a door swollen shut during the rainy season. I'm hoping that the moderate adrenaline rush of having to take the GRE without real preparation tomorrow will jolt me awake. If not that, then maybe keeping goal on Sunday after nearly a month off will do the trick.

Lots of Tolkien, which is relaxingly familiar even if one of the movies is new. For the record, the special extended-edition DVD of the first movie is the real deal: the new scenes make for a deeper movie. Tolkien's story seems to be about destroying the ring but he preferred the larger story -- the fading of magic from the world. Unfortunately, he linked the fading of magic with uncomfortable laments about the line of heroes mixing their blood with lesser men. It's easier to stick with pretter bits of sentimentality like the Elves leaving Middle Earth for good. In the appendix to the books, we find that Arwen, who chose mortality to be with the man Aragorn, goes back after Aragorn's death to the forests the elves once occupied and lies down among the fading leaves of the mallorn trees to die. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

Anyway, the extended version has a short scene that, of all the deleted scenes, is the one that probably should have been in the original release no matter what: Frodo and Sam, early in the movie, see a procession of elves headed to the Grey Havens to leave this world. It's lovely; it's sad. Here's the music from the scene if you'd like to imagine it.

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