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Saturday, December 07, 2002  

Next year's baseball season is slowly starting to take shape out of a fog and heavy boredom, and it appears that once again the lanky, phlegmatic John Olerud will still be with the Mariners. I think he's vastly underrated, both as a defender and as a hitter (warning: rows of numbers). Plus he has that tall-laconic-guy/short-jabbery-guy thing going with Bret Boone on the right side of the infield (not that they spend a lot of the game doing comedy routines).

Strange thing, though. First time I read this article, one of the sentences about Olerud had this dependent clause tacked on to the beginning of it:

"One of the most placid players in the game following brain surgery to remove an aneurysm in 1989..."

Does anyone really imagine that Olerud was some sort of freaked-out Dennis Hopper type before he got his surgery? I would guess the man was pretty damned mellow to begin with, but you never know. As it is he's a bit of a struggle during interviews ("Yeah. That was good. I like good plays." etc.), so maybe he really is a bit affected. As long as those motor-control lobes keep humming, I'll sing big Johnny O's theme song.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2002  

More of the music for Baby Lou: Bill Monroe and His Mountain Dew Boys romping nicely through "Uncle Pen."

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Monday, December 02, 2002  

Bit of conversation overheard right behind me while I waited to pick up a friend at the train station today. The speaker was a shabby beared (white) man and a woman I assume was his wife; also at the train station was a clutch of black children, all under 12, with their parents.
Him: You always hear about how you're not supposed to stereotype, you know, stereotypes are bad. But the thing you have to remember about stereotypes is that they always have some basis in truth. Like if you look at those black people: There they are being noisy, making a disturbance, disrespectful ...
Her: Stupid...
Him: ... acting stupid; just generally a poor upbringing. It's sad. It's not a stereotype; it's the truth.
So which one is it: Stereotypes are true, or truth is the opposite of stereotypes? Get yer pig-ignorance straight, man.

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