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Friday, November 22, 2002  

Oh, and by the way, aren't I a chirpy chappy? (More here.)

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There's an Andrew running loose on diaryland.com, and this is his diary. It's way, way funnier than anything I could have written or will have been writing on this journal. You might, for instance, want to read his entry on choosing a computer case that isn't grindingly ugly. And no, I don't know him. He may in fact be British, or at least Canadian (he mentions watching Coronation Street -- and, by the way, I defy you to find an American soap opera with music this mournful).

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Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well, Baby Lou is a girl too. There. I didn't want to say it, but you made me.

And since people have asked: Unless some complication calls for a second ultrasound soon, we won't know the sex of the baby. And since a smaller group of people has asked: No, we don't have a preference. What, is one sex more boring than the other? No. They're both interesting.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002  

Next week is my last at (robot voice) the Nation's Finest Regional Newspaper (end robot voice). I was going to just let this link stand as my comment but, on reflection, it seems like an awfully pompous comment. I'll just say I'm looking for work and let things lie there. All else I will save for my (non-existent) diary.

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Monday, November 18, 2002  

Carrying on with the music-for-toddlers theme, please enjoy R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders performing "Get a Load of This." (Yes, it's that R. Crumb.)

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