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Friday, October 25, 2002  


Many other enigmatic portraits and self descriptions (and plenty of broken links as well) on the self-portraits page of Ms. Hamilton-Hoffman's fifth grade class home page.

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Thursday, October 24, 2002  

Well, the timeline is done and headed to the press. Read alllllll about it tomorrow in the Nation's Finest Regional Newspaper! Or perhaps you could just build a face over at Eric Meyer Photography. Enjoy.

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Okay, let's try that again: I'm currently creating for the, wink, wink, publication I work for a timeline of the life of the apparent East Coast sniper. A little gray chronological strip with photos, facts, maps and other visual trinkets.

If there were a little web microphone inside my brain you could hear, in real time, my seething ambivalence about being part of the giant industry of making Chronicles of the Vile. Over the next while all media outlets will pulsate information about the life of what's-his-name. The information will unfold and unfold until we're drawn deeper in fascination towards the putative core of what is, after all, just a desperate, damaged, losing personality. We should leave it alone. Shouldn't we?

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This leetle entry here is a break I'm taking from preparing for Andy @ 6:15 PM §

There is some good tinkering to be had at Invention at Play, including what may be a sad moment in which Shockwave Flash is used to simulate some very simple wooden puzzles. Oh well; I still fiddled happily for a while. More importantly, I picked up this link from librarian Marylaine Block's weekly mailing of "NeatNew and Ex Libris." You should subscribe too.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002  

I have to be careful or my next stretch of posts to the world will all consist of dull alternative-housing links. Like this one to a company that constructs homes with a steel structure. They deliver a truckload of very heavy pre-cut steel posts and 4-6 brawny men have a barn-raising! The results being ... well, take your pick. This would go along with my new dream, replacing the one of 24 hours ago, to buy a plot of land on Vashon.

And, just to appease the hearth-god of Autobiography, my neck hurt so badly last night I could do nothing but repeat the same few thoughts until about 3:30 a.m., at which point I collapsed. Feeling better now.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002  

This morning I spent time in a bookstore hypnotized by a book of Alfred Hitchcock posters. The book's reproductions were aces; these aren't but they'll have to do:

A Polish poster for Vertigo. The Polish were fond of dropping SKULLS into Hitchcock posters because SKULLS are both FREAKY and METAPHYSICAL. This poster proves that Art Chantry, great as he is, didn't invent everything -- or even very much.

Awww yeah. That's what I'm talking about. This is a Japanese poster for North by Northwest, in case the tiny crop duster didn't tip you off. Japanese poster design from the '50s and '60s beats everything. Although this is pretty great:

That's French. I wanted to believe that "La Mort aux Trousses" meant "death of a truss," but I think it's idomatic French for "Death on His Heels" (literally, "death on the cases"). Now back to the Polish:

I don't speak Polish, but I believe that translates to "birds birds birds birds birds etc."
All the above are from here. (Tip: Start with the '50s and '60s.)

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Now, it's possible that there's a stinking hippie inside of me that's struggling to get out, but I was very intrigued to find out that one of the few straw bale houses built in this area was built on Vashon Island. I wonder if I can put a composting toilet and a gray water system on my Amazon wish list.

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Okay, dream along with me here. You're looking at more-or-less the center of Vashon Island. That blob at the southwest of the big clearing north of the road is a run-down house built in 1904. Since this aerial image is from 1990, the Jesus Barn is still part of the blob. That crumbling old house with its inappropriate additions, hippie van stashed in the bushes, lumpy pasture, 8 acres of green belt with creek and everything else has been very much on my mind lately. Either talk me out of this ridiculous idea or tell me how D and I can own it without ruining our lives. Oh, and here are the details. Sigh.

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Monday, October 21, 2002  

My first viewer is looking at the page! Hello D. Congrats to the Internet Web!

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Sunday, October 20, 2002  

Further proof that my maturity level sinks below idiocy sometimes: the little Scholastic education channel on my Palm Pilot included the suggestion to make a felt board based around the following poem:

Down! Down!
Yellow and brown
The leaves are falling over the town.  ~Eleanor Farjeon

I'm not proud to report that the first two lines cracked D and I up -- we imagined a completely different subject and assumed that at least one third-grader would as well. As for the feebleness of the assignment itself ... well, I'm sure I'll load up my shotgun with rock salt and nails and fire it at Scholastic's suggested lesson plans on many occasions.

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